With the contribution by A Million Dreams, They were able to grant Haylee's wish to go to Disney World! This is truly where wishes come to life! 

With a shy smile and a hug, Haylee introduced herself to her 2 favorite Disney characters Anna and Elsa.  After a few moments, Haylee's shyness quickly melted away and her playful personality shined through.  The three cracked jokes, took pictures and Haylee learned the ins and outs of being a princess.  Now, if Haylee faces any hardships, she has 2 friends that she can always turn to. 

Haylee is a silly and fun-loving 5 year old girl from Algonquin.  She loves to draw, write, and be creative.  That creative spirit has been central in helping her battle her hypoplastic left heart syndrome diagnosis.  Despite the many hardships that she has faced, Haylee's outgoing and bubbly personality has remained strong.  When asked her one heartfelt wish, Haylee stated that she wished to visit Walt Disney World® Resort.  Haylee's wish came true when she and her family flew down to Florida to begin a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  When asked what impact the wish trip had on Haylee, her mother, Kathleen, stated that, "It made her happy! She really loved meeting all the characters and seeing the shows.  She now has a lifetime of memories that she can think about when she is undergoing procedures or is scared.".

Haylee's wish trip allowed her to take a much-needed break from the doctor's visit and treatment that have grown commonplace in her life.  She was able to let loose and fully enjoy her experience alongside her family.  The hope, strength and joy surrounding Haylee's wish are sure to last her a lifetime.